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I love life; my wife Afsaneh and our children, David and Leah, are the light of my life. Music is what keeps my spirit in touch with my God and life. Music is a reflection of my heart and love for life.

I was born in 1957 in Golden Valley (a first tier suburb of Minneapolis). At age 11, I started a paper-route business, joined the Boy Scouts, was in the choir, played the clarinet, and watched 'Mannix'. By age 15, I was playing guitar and piano. By age 18, I was in the school band (clarinet) and orchestra (upright bass), was taking music theory classes, got my Eagle Scout Bronze Palm, and was accepted to Iowa State University School of Architecture. Starting in 1977, I worked summers at ATS&R Architects/Engineers, going full-time after graduation.

In 1983, Afsaneh and I married, and I became a licensed architect and partner at ATS&R, specializing in preK-12 school design. Afsaneh and I had David in 1992 and Leah in 1996. Becoming ATS&R's president in 1996, I brought national/international recognition to the firm; my article-writing for education-architecture magazines began in 2006. School architecture has consumed my life, but I yet have such a passion for playing acoustic and digital piano and composing music.

I began seriously writing music compositions in 2012; many years of playing built-up a brainfull of music ideas that needed to be written (at my age, one writes things down). Still working at ATS&R and writing articles, I am now beginning a new chapter in my lifelong passion in music.

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